Unlocking the power of AND: Highlights from JNUC 2023​

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Unlocking the power of AND: Highlights from JNUC 2023

The Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) 2023 is on! In its now 14th year of bringing together tech enthusiasts, Apple admins, and industry leaders – the big focus for this year, is exploring the power of “AND.” A creative theme, when you consider the concerted effort Jamf has had on building out their partner community, collaborations and integrations into an evolving landscape that is required for best practice Apple device management and security. All under the new leadership of John Strosahl, it was exciting to see Jamf’s new CEO take to the stage and address the audience. Giving reassurance to all in driving the company’s mission forward, he said in a statement, “We are so confident in Apple’s continued success that we believe Apple will flip the market over the next decade and be the No. 1 end-user technology used in the enterprise.”

Here’s some of the key takeaways the Opening Keynote & Day 1 had to deliver:

Apple and Jamf: Making Device Management Easier

During the Apple keynote address, several significant developments were emphasised. These included:

Apple also showcased ongoing innovations and updates for organisations throughout the conference, many of which were announced at WWDC23.

Jamf Pro 11: Enhancing Device Management

In Jamf’s keynote address, the focus was on Jamf Pro 11. The main highlights were:

Jamf and Access: Ensuring Trust and Identity

In another keynote address, Jamf focused on the importance of trust, identity, and access through:
Jamf CEO John Strosahl simply said: “Trusted Access is an outcome you can achieve when you Manage and Secure your Mac and Mobile devices with Jamf, regardless of if it’s deployed for a person or for a purpose.”

Jamf and Google: A Unified Approach to Apple Device Security

In Google’s keynote address, the focus was on integration with Google services:

Jamf and Security: Protecting Your Apple Ecosystem

Jamf’s security presentation at JNUC 2023 emphasised their commitment to security, compliance, and threat protection for Apple devices. The integration with third-party solutions, like BeyondCorp, Chrome Enterprise, and Chronicle, extends deep visibility and control across IT stacks.

Jamf simplifies compliance with the Mac OS Security Compliance Project (MSCP) and Jamf Compliance Editor, streamlining security benchmarks and providing compliance documentation. Continuous compliance monitoring is enabled through a forthcoming compliance dashboard in Jamf Protect.

Given the escalating threat landscape, Jamf focuses on combating ransomware, cryptojacking, spyware, and phishing attacks. Built-in phishing protection and the diligence of Jamf’s Threat Labs team underscore their dedication to thwarting threats. Additionally, ‘Jamf Executive Threat Protection’ addresses advanced mobile security needs.

This holistic security approach extends to both Mac and mobile devices, cementing Jamf as an endpoint security solution. Partner integrations further enrich security, while collaboration with Microsoft signifies a shared commitment to strengthening Apple device security in Microsoft 365 environments.

Jamf and Microsoft: Collaborative Security Approach

Microsoft’s JNUC 2023 presentation underscored the imperative of cross-platform security, acknowledging attacks across various OS. Password attacks, occurring at a staggering rate of 4,000 per second, accentuate the urgency for robust security.

Microsoft’s partnership with Jamf simplifies Apple device management within Microsoft 365, reducing complexity. Enhanced Azure Active Directory integration streamlines compliance criteria establishment, ensuring devices meet security standards before accessing enterprise resources.

An improved user and admin experience is a result of this collaboration, along with integration with Microsoft Sentinel for unified security monitoring. Microsoft’s commitment to security is underscored by its membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). The forthcoming ‘Platform SSO for Mac OS’ heralds secure, password less access.

Microsoft’s customer-centric approach, driven by feedback, ensures the evolving security needs of organisations are met effectively.

Jamf and AI 

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Jamf, Akash Kamath, tackled the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Kamath acknowledged the ubiquitous nature of AI in today’s tech industry, ranging from promises of AI saving humanity to fears of AI dominance.

He urged the audience to recall the transformative impact of computers and the arrival of the Apple Macintosh in 1984, emphasising that generative AI is making AI more accessible and personal. Kamath also introduced the Jamf Collaboratory, a dedicated team working on AI solutions for Apple device management and security.

He revealed a specialised language model, shaped by Jamf Pro documentation and user forum insights, to aid administrators in problem-solving scenarios, enhancing efficiency. Kamath also discussed AI’s role in cybersecurity, addressing the challenges faced by IT professionals.

During his keynote, he also highlighted the potential of AI in distinguishing between genuine threats and benign incidents, introducing ‘hypothesis’ – an AI-driven feature for comprehensive event analysis and tailored suggestions. Before concluding by expressing Jamf’s commitment to evolving alongside IT and InfoSec professionals, inviting collaboration to push the boundaries of technology and security in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The wrap up of a big day 1:

What a day! JNUC 2023 demonstrated the power of collaboration and integration, emphasising the importance of trust, security, and user experience in managing Apple devices across diverse environments. As technology continues to evolve, these partnerships and innovations are essential for organisations to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of device management and security. Now here’s to an exciting next few days… and seeing what more Jamf have to deliver.

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