Device Configuration and Deployment

Mac Centre has helped hundreds of businesses deploy thousands of Macs and iPads with custom hardware and software images. Using best of breed deployment and imaging tools, we can help you design and implement a time saving standard operating environment (SOE) so you can receive your devices with software pre-installed, customised, and ready to go when you open the box. Even if your existing environment is a complex mix of platforms and protocols, we can help you control your deployment environment and minimise compatibility issues.

Device Management

Securely and efficiently manage any sized iPad or Mac fleet, whether in enterprise, or in education as one-to-one or part of a digital classroom. With partnerships with best of breed MDM (mobile device management) vendors, we can help your company deploy and manage a fleet of mobile devices of any size. 

Apple Device Enrolment Program

By integrating your Mobile Device Management software (MDM), your Volume Purchasing (VPP), and hardware procurement through Mac Centre, you can enjoy true zero-touch device configuration, automatic app deployment, and a simplified setup experience for your staff.

Seamless Integration

Our deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem and core technologies means we can help you integrate Apple into your existing environment irrespective of its current topography. Whether you are looking to successfully integrate Mac OS X in a Windows based network, or manage Windows devices with Mac OS X Server, we can help create your ideal cross platform solution.


Directory Services

Integrating your Windows Active Directory with your Macs means that you can manage all your desktops and devices using a single system, reducing hardware costs and ensuring that all your existing Windows permissions are carried over to Mac users, so they can’t see anything they shouldn’t.

Fleet Management

Managing your desktops is essential to ensure that corporate data is safe and your organisation is legally compliant. If you don’t have Mac expertise in-house, our managed service allows you to avoid the expense of hiring or retraining staff.

Network Design

Your network is the heart of your information systems – the key to business productivity and competitiveness. It can be tough to harness the speeds and finesse of modern networking protocols. It can be even more difficult to network between Macs, PCs and Unix Operating Systems.

There are firewalls, switches, servers, cabling, WiFi and many other parts of a network that make it a complicated ecosystem, able to be compromised by minute changes in one area of the environment if not architected properly. Our staff of server and network professionals can handle any networking task, from designing and building cabled and WiFi based networks for SMBs, to designing advanced topologies for multi location networks.



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