No platform offers a more exciting ecosystem or delivers a more productive user experience than Apple. And no tool manages Apple devices better than the Casper Suite

Apple Management for Business + Education

Securely and efficiently manage any sized iPad or Mac fleet, whether in enterprise, or in education as one-to-one or part of a digital classroom.

Since 2002, JAMF Software has been focused on helping schools and businesses around the globe succeed with the Apple platform. Long before Apple became the world’s most valuable brand, the Casper Suite solution provided corporate and educational IT professionals with a best-of-breed tool to inventory, deploy, and secure every Mac and iPad under their control.

It’s still the best Apple device management tool today.

Whether you’ve been using Apple for years and have thousands of devices, or are just beginning to integrate them into your learning programs, JAMF Software and the Casper Suite make managing devices simple and secure.


Why the Casper Suite?

Inventory, deploy and secure your Apple devices with ease

Apple continues to raise the bar of what is possible with technology in business and education. As more and more schools and enterprises discover the power and benefits of Apple, Macs and iPads have become commonplace. With this technology comes deployment and maintenance logistics as well as questions around security and privacy.

With the Casper Suite, safely and efficiently manage Apple devices so staff can be productive, teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning. 

Deploy Mac and iPad fast

You can integrate with Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) to deploy without ever touching the device.

Collect Dynamic Inventory

Monitor hardware and software distribution by user
or device, for more productive planning and budgeting.

Reduce risks and protect resources 

Leverage the world-class native security tools that Apple builds into every device. 


Save the Day when Life Happens   

Ensure peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and reporting on backup status.

Support Individualised Learning   

From Casper Focus to our proprietary Self Service app, Mac Centre places tools in the hands of users, teachers and students – giving them one-stop, on-demand access to approved apps, software, eBooks,
and content—all without help from IT.

Build an Enterprise-grade IT Ecosystem   

Maximise existing third-party tools, integrate with your Student Management System (SMS), and tie into your existing user directory. 

Best-of-breed software is just the beginning of what you get    

The simplicity, versatility, and robustness of the Casper Suite are just a few reasons customer retention has always remained above 95%


Casper Suite + Mac Centre

Whether your company or department is new to the Casper Suite, or you are migrating from an existing on-premise MDM environment, getting started with the Casper Suite services is quick and easy.

Mac Centre is able to create a Casper Suite solution specifically for your needs. From licensing, to hosting to managed services, we are equipped to provide a full range of services customised to meet your requirements.

Casper Suite Licensing & Subscription

Managing your devices with Casper is more affordable that you think. As a leading Jamf Partner and Reseller, we provide the full range of software licensing and subscription options. Contact our Sales Team to discuss special education and volume pricing.   

Casper Suite as a Managed Service

If you don’t have the resources to handle MDM in-house, or if your IT team aren’t comfortable administrating Macs or iOS devices, we can provide Casper Suite as a fully managed service. From $2 per device per month, Mac Centre can provide fixed cost remote support for all iOS and MacOS devices managed with Casper.

Casper Suite Cloud Hosting

We provide everything you need to manage Apple devices in your school environment, offering the ability to securely host your JAMF Software Server (JSS) and Casper Suite services in the Cloud.

Hosted in a dedicated Australian based AWS instance, our Casper Suite hosting services allow you to off-load financial costs for procuring and maintaining hardware, as well as providing a secure and scalable management environment.

Integration and Support Services

With a team of Certified Casper Technicians and Administrators, we offer a range of additional services to facilitate the management of your devices and get you up and running with a unique MDM profile. Whether remote or on-site, simple project management or complex multi-site implementation, our Jamf-trained experts will provide exactly what you want to ensure your project is a success.

For existing Casper environments, our Casper JSS Health Check will help drive effective use of Casper Suite, understand new features, and help optimise your infrastructure so you’re getting the best possible performance out of your device management solution.

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