Optimising Apple in your workplace.

Investing in the right technology, while giving your employees the freedom to choose their own device, can deliver benefits for both your employees and your company.

Experience the power of Apple.

Mac Centre’s consultative workplace integration services support your Apple journey, whether you’re adopting Apple for the first time, launching an employee choice program, enhancing Mac estate management, or optimising past deployments. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Good for employees. Great for business.


Give your employees the freedom to choose.

Employee choice is fuelling the popularity of Mac in the workplace, and with three out of four employees opting to make Apple their preferred device, investing in workplace technology choice programs has never been more important. Partnering with your organisation from initial concept to fruition, we’ll help you build a successful Apple inclusive employee choice programme across your workplace that not only lowers the total cost of ownership, but also attracts and retains your talent by giving them the tools they want to use.

Evidence shows, when you choose Apple products, you’re making a smart investment – for your people, your operations, and your future success.


Mac Centre delivered Apple Professional Services

A strategic partner at your service.

Whether you’re new on your Apple journey or already underway, Mac Centre’s team of Apple-accredited engineers will ensure your business is ready to support the growing number of employees using Apple devices. Building a practice from scratch or remediating an existing deployment, it all starts with us getting to understand you.

Through a set of interactive professional service engagements, Mac Centre can assess your business goals, needs and existing IT environment, allowing us to provide the right set of deliverables required to optimise your Apple practice. As Australia’s leading Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, and with over 20 years of specialised Apple IT integration experience, Mac Centre is your trusted partner for successfully integrating Apple devices throughout your organisation.


Discover our enterprise solutions.


Apple Readiness Review.

Lead by a team of Apple-accredited engineers at Mac Centre, the Apple readiness review is a thorough assessment of your organisation’s existing infrastructure, that ultimately determines your readiness for the adoption of Apple devices across your workplace. This service aims to ensure that organisations are fully equipped to support their employees in utilising Apple devices.

An assessment deep dives into critical workflows of the Apple ecosystem, including procurement, onboarding, management, security, networking, and support requirements, culminating in the delivery of a comprehensive report. Providing a clear, best practices-aligned readiness report, this document meticulously guides you through essential recommendations and implementation milestones, ensuring your organisation is ready for a seamless large-scale Apple deployment.


Apple Mac Adoption.

The Apple Mac adoption service empowers organisations to evaluate the feasibility of a macOS deployment via a controlled and low-risk Proof of Concept (PoC) approach. Leveraging a pool of current Mac devices, this engagement includes comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) design and deployment supported and managed by Mac Centre. From validating network readiness and providing Active Directory (AD) integration services, through to architecting Mac workflows, our team will be hands on throughout the entire PoC process.

Designed in alignment with industry best practices, you will experience firsthand across a targeted cohort, the harmonious coexistence of Apple and non-Apple devices, laying the foundation for a seamless and successful wide-scale deployment.


Apple Deployment Optimisation.

Whether you’re wanting to build a successful Apple deployment practice or remediate and optimise an existing, Apple deployment optimisation service lead by Mac Centre’s team of Apple-certified experts will ensure you’re ready to support the growing number of employees using Apple devices across your organisation. Through a series of interactive engagements with key stakeholders, the Mac Centre team will assess your business goals and needs, before conducting a series of collaborative workshops, analysing end-to-end organisation workflows across key stages of the Apple device lifecycle.

Mac Centre will conclude the consult by providing your company with a concise plan, inclusive of detailed next steps for how you can remediate or deploy a successful Apple practice.

Benefits of Apple in the workplace.

Attract top talent and keep it.

Being a company that people want to work for and having a reputation as the ultimate employer of choice is an exciting prospect. To ensure you attract the best talent, and retain their loyalty, modern businesses should be offering employees appealing company perks with the tools they love to use, placing them head and shoulders above your rivals.

* A recent Jamf Employee Choice survey showed that when given the choice, roughly 3 out of 4 employees would choose Apple for use at work.

Watch productivity soar.

Giving your teams the latest tech and empowering them with the tools they want to use, delivers lasting results across your organisation. Coupled with a well-executed deployment and management strategy, not only drives business efficiencies but also empowers your users to be productive and collaborative from day one.

* 78% of millennials believe that having access to the technology they like at work makes them more effective in their job.

Reduced total economic impact.

Evidence shows, when businesses choose Apple, their making a smart investment for their future. Recent Forrester research reveals Macs outshine PCs in long-term savings, with fewer support tickets and higher residual value. Additional productivity boosts and enhanced security, make Apple the smart investment for modern businesses.

* Total Economic Impact of Apple Mac in the Enterprise: M1 Update. Cost savings and business benefits.

Ready to Experience Apple in your organisation?


We bring the experience to you.

Our Apple Experience Centre offers the ideal platform for customers to engage with Apple products and solutions.

Let our team of experts showcase the benefits of Apple at Work and offer solutions in areas like deployment, management and security, either virtually, or in up close and personal at our dedicated Experience Centre.

Think Apple at Work. Think Mac Centre.

Apple is more than a brand, it’s a choice that all businesses can leverage for success and when combined with our Apple accredited skills, services, and solutions, can successfully transform your business too. With over two decades of experience, we proudly stand as the industry’s trusted Apple experts.
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