Create a better world with your old technology.

Dispose of your IT responsibly, securely, charitably and sustainably, with the right IT asset disposition services.

Secure. Simple. Sustainable.

Your technology is instrumental in your business’s success, but it doesn’t last forever and disposing of your devices at the end of their lifecycle becomes a challenge in itself. Mac Centre provides comprehensive IT asset disposition services to help you dispose of your IT in a responsible, secure, and sustainable way.
Offering a comprehensive range of services, we can help ensure your technology is decommissioned and securely wiped before it leaves your possession. We can also offer you the flexibility to choose from a range of disposal options that have both financial and environmental benefits.

The benefits of IT asset disposition.

Guarantee data security on your devices
Lower logistic costs of your IT equipment
Increase IT inventory control
Maximise regulatory compliance
Recoup e-waste economic value in the business

What we offer.


Get more ROI with technology buyback.

If you’re looking to upgrade your IT equipment, then Mac Centre’s technology buyback service could assist. We’ll offer competitive rates for buying back your used IT equipment, unlocking the opportunity to get more return on your original investment.

A team of experts will assess the condition of your technology and come back with a fair market value quote. Once approved by you, we’ll take care of everything else, from securely wiping all data to arranging collection, disposition and payment. Mac Centre can see you through every stage of the asset disposition process and into a new refresh cycle.


Giving old tech a new lease on life.

If your IT equipment is no longer fit for purpose, then our e-waste recycling and charity donation options could be the perfect solution. After decommissioning your tech and securely wiping the data, we will safely dispose of any non-functioning or obsolete technology through our third-party e-waste recycling partners.

We also partner with charities to donate any usable equipment, helping to bridge the digital divide by providing those in need with access to technology they wouldn’t normally have.


Don't risk it. Secure data erase it.

Your data is your intellectual property (IP) and its security is of the upmost importance. When physical devices and the data stored on those devices become obsolete, it’s critical for organisations to have that data wiped in accordance with secure data destruction methods.

Mac Centre’s compliant data destruction services can ensure your data is erased in accordance with your current data security policies and requirements along with being aligned to international security standards. An itemised certificate of data destruction can also be provided with this service. Don’t let your data become exposed to risks, secure data erase it.


Be part of the circular economy.

The circular economy is a new approach to managing resources, minimising waste, and reusing or recycling where we can. A global model being adopted across many industries and organisations today, and it’s one Mac Centre 100% supports.

Avoid your assets from ending up in landfill. With asset disposition services from Mac Centre you ultimately join the circular economy. You’re not only helping to reduce waste, but also contribute to the sustainability of our planet. #thankyou.

Looking for something else?

Here are just a few ways Mac Centre can deliver a better technology experience.

When it's time to refresh your fleet, we'll help get the right tech for you.


Don't pay upfront. Let us work on a financial solution that aligns.

Device Maintenance

Access Apple-accredited technicians you need for your estate.

Asset Logistics

Get your goods delivered the smart way.

Think Apple at Work. Think Mac Centre.

Disposing of your assets responsibly is easy when you take advantage of our asset disposition services. Only Mac Centre can deliver complete Apple-focused lifecycle solutions for your business.
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