Modern MDM As-a-Service

Deploy. Manage. Secure. Scale.

Rhubarb is Mac Centre’s MDM As-a-Service and sets the gold standard for Apple onboarding and device management with unparalleled expertise, robust design, and supercharged security and scalability.

Your Devices. Our Service.

Optimise Apple security and device management by outsourcing to Mac Centre. Free up valuable resources, enhance IT capabilities, and benefit from a seamless, cost-effective enterprise-grade experience. Whether you’re looking at ways to streamline the management of your Apple estate or lack internal expertise, let Mac Centre relieve the in-house IT burden and be the extension your IT and security teams need. Get ready for the rhubarb revolution. 

The benefits of rhubarb.

Tailored user experience
Risk and operational cost savings
Streamlined and scalable deployment
Best-in-class expertise & compliance
Zero-touch deployment

Unlocking solutions.
Expanding possibilities.

Our industry leading expertise makes us the go-to partner for businesses looking to integrate Apple devices successfully across their organisation. Embracing modern technologies with industry best practices, you can trust our team to manage, secure and maintain every aspect of your Apple device deployment. 

Unrivalled expertise
Quality assurance
Industry best-practice
Access a team of dedicated experts
Multi-vendor & coding proficiency
Scalable solution built for business

Industry best practice, security device management.​

The ultimate business companion for your Apple devices, Mac Centre’s MDM As-a-Service, rhubarb, sets the gold-standard of Apple onboarding, device management and security. 
Deploy in days not months and give your employee’s the experience they deserve. 

Unforgettable experiences with the magic of modern deployment:

Elevate device deployment and employee onboarding experience – every time, anywhere.

From shrink wrap, direct to employee – set-up and configure your Apple fleet, without touching a single device.

Device management reimagined:

Ensure compliance, fleet consistency and elevated user productivity, managed by a team of experts.

Maximise output and end-user satisfaction by safeguarding devices with a steadfast commitment to consistency.

Multi-layered, best-practice device security, built on Enterprise-secure solutions:

Industry best practice, built-in.​

Elevate security posture and achieve compliance, with tighter control, visibility and protection over your Apple endpoints.
Consolidate your security infrastructure and minimise risk with access to a comprehensive list of integrations. Contact Mac Centre to discuss your requirements.

Efficiently scale and transform with ease:

Experience ready-made efficiency to support and scale your Apple fleet cost-effectively. 

Built on robust foundations, and supported by a team of experts, experience ready-made efficiency to scale your fleet in days – not months.

Experience rhurbarb.

From a personalised demo, to serving you up a big slab of apple pie with rhubarb – Mac Centre have an experience that caters to your requirements.

Powered by industry leading solutions & expertise.

We know you can’t just partner with anyone when it comes to outsourcing the management and security of your Apple devices, that’s why we’ve built our advanced rhubarb automation platform on only the industry’s best tools and solutions. Our meticulously crafted MDM As-a-Service solution, will help you achieve your business goals.

With built-in integrations...

and many more...

What our clients say.


Deploy. Manage. Secure. Scale. As-a-Service.

Mac Centre has spent the time designing and building a comprehensive MDM As-a-Service offering, to meet the growing needs of a modern workplace. Guaranteed to ease the IT burden, it also has the flexibility to scale as you do while delivering an experience that benefits your business and one your employees deserve. Let Mac Centre unlock the potential of rhubarb, our MDM As-a-Service, for your organisation.

for Business

Comprehensive Apple platform management and security
As-a-Service for growing businesses.
  • rhubarb Automation Platform
  • Device Management (Powered by Jamf Pro)
  • Endpoint Security (Powered by Crowdstrike & Jamf)
  • Zero-touch Deployment
  • User On/Off-Boarding with IDP Integration & SSO
  • 3rd Party App Library & Self Service
  • Operating System & 3rd Party App Patching
  • Essential 8 Security & Compliance
  • Unlimited admin-level support
  • and much more....

for Enterprise & Education

Deliver complete Apple fleet management and security As-a-Service, with flexibility to augment existing in-house services.
  • All Features from rhubarb for Business plus:
  • Flexible service delivery​ models
  • Support for Jamf Business & Premium Cloud
  • Integrate & augment Endpoint Security
  • Sandbox environment for testing & development
  • Unlimited admin-level support with custom SLAs
  • and much more...

Looking for something else?

Here are just a few ways Mac Centre can deliver a better technology experience.
IT Procurement

Get the technology you need in your hands faster.

Project Management

Successfully get your IT project across the finish line.

Device Lifecycle

From pre-deployment to retirement and refresh of devices, get care at every stage.

Technology Financing

Why choose to pay upfront when you don't have to.

Experience rhurbarb.

Our range of IT managed services are designed to make your life easier. Outsource your endpoint management with our revolutionary MDM As-a-Service offering, and we’ll take the work out of managing and securing your Apple devices.
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