Modern security solutions for modern businesses.

Implement a multilayered, proactive security strategy that covers your entire environment.

Layered IT security to protect your business.

Today’s hybrid workplaces come with a heightened security risk across an ever-changing threat landscape. Organisations are needing to adopt multi-layered frameworks inclusive of modern security strategies, if they are to meet the unique needs of today, while also providing them with the scalability to support the needs of tomorrow.
The Mac Centre team of Apple-accredited and Microsoft-certified IT professionals can help you stay ahead in the cyber threat race. We combine a range of industry-leading technologies with best practice methods and standards, to deliver your business with a layered security solution, fortifying points of vulnerability, reducing risk, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

The benefits of security solutions.

Enhance security compliance
Bolster business security posture
Improve security practices
Reduce IT Security costs
Align with ASD Essential 8

What we offer.


Make your endpoints a digital fortress.

An endpoint security strategy is essential for today’s modern business wanting to maintain optimal user experience across a hybrid, remote working landscape. With the threat landscape ever-changing and every endpoint a possible entry point of attack, it’s critical to ensure all your devices connected to the company network are secure.

The Mac Centre team of security consultants can help you gain tighter control & protection over all your endpoints. Starting with a comprehensive endpoint audit, we’ll work with you to plan, build and implement industry leading solutions that harness the power of next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, managed threat hunting, and threat intelligence integration. In short, you’ll sleep better at night.


How to trust in a zero-trust world.

Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship. So when it comes time to accessing your company data, it’s the key reason why you shouldn’t let just any device connect to your network. Determining which endpoint devices should be trusted on your network is a critical decision, dependent on organisational risk tolerance and compliance requirements.

Not all devices are company-issued and not all devices can be managed, creating a perfect storm of unmanaged devices, that soon become a huge blind spot. Mac Centre can help you put the processes and technology in place to be confident that all devices meet company security requirements, before authenticating. Minimise your risk with device trust and protect your sensitive company data.


Got an inbox? Secure it.

Your office inboxes are the ultimate entry point for people with malice on their minds. While the increasing number of cyber threats is a problem, their growing sophistication poses even greater danger, and once infiltrated, your digital environment becomes a playground for malicious activity.

Mac Centre have an array of different email security tools, procedures, and techniques that can keep your email accounts, content, and communications locked up tight. Whether you need protection from unauthorised access, loss, or compromise, we can make sure your first line of defence is as strong as an ox.


Access control that won't slow you down.

It’s critical for businesses to control who has access and what they have access to, if you’re to have any chance of preventing an employee, team or your business from falling victim to a cyber security event. And whilst its critical to secure your company data and business IP, it’s just as important to provide a positive employee experience, that enhances productivity.

Our team of specialists can help you navigate the complex landscape of identities, applications and access controls with a range of consulting, deployment and integration solution services. Setting you up with the policies and technologies needed to provide secure user access, without sacrificing a great experience for both IT teams and employees company-wide.


Robust security for your networks.

Networks are the nervous system of any business, so they need to be fit, healthy, and secure. With the number of attacks on companies continuously climbing in today’s hyper connected world, network security demands a layered approach, ensuring the underlying infrastructure is protected from unauthorised access, misuse, modification, or destruction.

From designing your network to securing it against the latest threats, Mac Centre can take care of all your network security needs. Our team of specialists can help you identify and fix network issues like misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. All backed up with our implementation services, we can help your business deploy cutting-edge solutions for encryption, access control, and intrusion prevention.


Are your people in the know?

Your people are some of the best assets to your company, but increasingly, are the most likely entry point of a successful infiltration attempt. Whether it’s an employee with a grudge, a misinformed insider, or someone who just clicked on something they shouldn’t have – your people are likely to be the weakest link in your security chain.

The best line of defence for all your employees is training, training, training. Educating your workforce on how to spot a phishing email, social engineering scam, or any other common threat that targets people directly, is critical to keeping them safe online while also minimising company risk. Mac Centre offers a range of cybersecurity awareness training programs, designed to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security, the threat landscape, and how to handle and report suspicious events.

Security Assessments.

Not sure of your company’s ability to protect what matters most – your data, systems, and people – against internal and external cyber threats?
Mac Centre can help review and assess the security posture of your business. Discovering weak spots across your IT security, we’ll provide your company with a comprehensive report inclusive of next steps required to address points of vulnerability, minimise risk, while also ensuring your business is compliant with industry best practice methods and standards.

Industry leading solutions & expertise.

We know that you can’t just partner with anyone when it comes to your IT security. That’s why we partner with the industry’s best to offer premium products, tools and technology solutions, designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Looking for something else?

Here are just a few ways Mac Centre can deliver a better technology experience.
Device Lifecycle

From pre-deployment to the retiring and refresh of devices, get care at every stage.

Employee Choice

Let your employees have the power to choose.

Managed Endpoint

Streamline the maintenance of your Apple fleet with our team of certified engineers.

ICT Procurement

Get the technology you need in your hands faster.

Think Apple at Work. Think Mac Centre.

Apple is secure by design and by default, so are we. With security at the core of all we do, backed by Apple’s top accreditations and multi-vendor capability, let our team show you why we are Australia’s best. 
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