Employee onboarding? When first impressions are everything.

Successful onboarding for new recruits means delivering a positive experience that lasts. It’s far more than a feel-good factor, it’s about a competitive advantage that arises from retaining great people. Discover what Mac Centre has learned on our journey to onboarding excellence, applying best practice asset lifecycle management, in partnership with our clients to optimise the employee experience.

The big day has arrived!

Your new hire is locked in and ready to go. They’re excited, you’re excited, and so is your team. But this is a critical period where you want to hit the ground running and deliver an outstanding employee experience, because first impressions really do make all the difference.

Did you know great onboarding can improve staff retention by 82 per cent? Or that new employees with good onboarding experiences are 18 times more committed to their employer? (According to research from Brandon Hall Group and Bamboo HR). To understand these staggering numbers, we need to appreciate the power of first impressions, and the competitiveness of the hiring market.

Ultimately, it’s a range of welcoming factors across culture, technology, purpose and processes that combine to empower your new people. These elements build loyalty from day one, and once that loyalty is established, it’s pretty hard to dismantle.

Let’s now turn to the importance of the onboarding experience, specifically the Apple technology employee experience – something we understand particularly well here at Mac Centre!

Technology onboarding best practices.

Best practices to reduce employee turnover include pre-boarding before the big day and setting them up with excellent workspaces. That means introducing team members, sharing company culture, and setting up your new recruit with great tech before day one, including:

  • Their device of choice, preconfigured, ready to go straight out of the box.
  • Complemented by a branded onboarding experience.
  • Employees are productive from day one, with access to essential tools and systems.
  • Bundling it up with some company SWAG, to spark joy among new hires, fostering a sense of belonging and leaving them with a memorable first-day experience.

In theory, this could be a smooth process for your IT and HR teams. But getting the timing and resources right internally is more challenging than it might actually appear.

Perfect timing doesn’t happen by accident – asset lifecycle services are the key.

When it comes to technology and onboarding, efficient procurement, seamless setup, and timely device delivery, all play a major role in great employee experiences.

At Mac Centre, our asset lifecycle services have grown in popularity because they take an enormous administrative and operational burden away from our clients – from device and technology procurement right through to disposition. It’s a service which also lessens a range of onboarding hassles.

For example, our managed storage and fulfilment service can provide you with secure, scalable and managed storage facilities off-site. This means you can stagger device deployments over time, when and where they’re needed for new employees, without being at the mercy of IT supply chains.

Our service extends to customised device setup and configuration, logistics and delivery, bespoke swag packs, and environmentally friendly packaging options. All of which combine to create a memorable and positive first impression for your new recruits.

It’s all about optimising the experience, availability and deployment of technology – to your schedule. To help illustrate the immense value in this approach, we can look at design company Canva, an Australian success story in the startup world, and one that uses Apple technology exclusively across the organisation.

IT procurement

Helping Canva deliver great onboarding experiences.

Mac Centre was asked to design and implement a tailored warehousing and order fulfilment solution, a natural extension of our existing procurement partnership, that would deliver a more seamless onboarding experience for new employees. Leveraging Mac Centre capabilities, allowed Canva to remove themselves from the logistical process. Taking into account the Apple devices, accessories, company welcome kits, and onboarding guidelines, Mac Centre were able to ensure the timely delivery of all items, to new hires, regardless of their location.

Rami Afeich, Canva’s Hardware and Access Management Lead says it best:

“There’s been a massive time saving. We’ve estimated it to be at least 30 hours per cohort (of new recruits). In Australia alone, we typically have around 50 people in each cohort and have one every two weeks, so that time all adds up”.

“Mac Centre helps us scale by allowing us to leverage (their) procurement, managed storage and order fulfilment services to be more efficient and effective and allow our internal teams to focus elsewhere. They bring to the table a range of asset management services which allows organisations like ours to scale faster – without adding headcount.”

“I can’t think of another services partner in Australia I would turn to for that kind of partnership other than Mac Centre.”

We know Apple and we know our customers.

From managing stock supply, to producing welcome kits or lightening the load for our clients – we know Apple technology and we’re passionate about helping your team optimise your new employee onboarding experiences.

Mac Centre is the leading Apple Authorised Enterprise Resellers in Australia, and the only one focused solely on the Apple ecosystem. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimise your employee experiences.

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